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F.ART-Kollektiv I Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival


Livestream - Performance

Fr, 26.06. | 19:45 Uhr


Have you ever felt like swimming naked at sunset, talking about sex with your grandmother, singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera at your local karaoke bar – but you did not dare? What stopped you?


EXORCISM explores the performativity of coming-out processes and tackles several topics such as fear, shame and self-hatred. It is a live confrontation with the untold, the undone, the unshown and the non-linear process of coming to terms with them.


The performance aims at raising awareness about the HIV-related stigma by putting it under the spotlight and talking about it as loud as possible.






Concept: Marco Merenda / Performance and Dramaturgy: F.ART-Kollektiv (Pauline Schönfelder, Linda Lou Dierich-Matzke, Marco Merenda) / Light Design & Technical support: Manuela Ada Ines Gangale / Technical support: Janosch Graffenberger, Sujin Lee.


Part of Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival. In cooperation with LICHTHOF Theater.


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